AIR Conditioning services with TT Motor Group

Whether you need regular maintenance or a full service for your air conditioning, we make it a breeze.

Most cars now have air conditioning or climate control, and its essential they are regularly maintained to keep them working well. At TT Motor Group we offer free air conditioning checks and a full service or re-gas to help you stay cool.

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Why should I have my cars air conditioning system serviced?

  • An efficient air conditioning system keeps fuel costs down
  • Most manufacturers recommend that your air conditioning system is serviced every two years
  • A service prevents the build-up of unpleasant odors
  • It will reduce the gradual build-up of harmful bacteria and contaminants
  • Fully working air conditioning can quickly demist your windscreen
  • The climate in your car has a direct effect on driver fatigue
  • Servicing reduces sore throats/allergic reactions

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